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Monday, October 1, 2012

Why Do We Sweat?

Why We Sweat
Humans sweat more than just about any other animal. Another animal that sweats profusely is a horse. This is perfect for my argument that Humans are meant to stay in motion. Evaporative cooling only works best when air moves against our skins to evaporate the sweat. Hmmm, horses seem to use it the same way since they LOVE TO RUN!

Humans are meant to stay in motion. Our metabolisms work better when we are pushed physically and our minds respond by rewarding us with optimism, enthusiasm and motivation. In terms of evolution, our ability to move, with speed and endurance, was critical for survival. This was only rivaled by our need to out-think our prey. So during exercise, our minds go into over-drive. We fulfill our evolutionary destiny by becoming the perfect hunting/killing machine. A brain with unparalleled ability to make connections, learn and predict, combined with a body that can sweat to cool itself like the perfect long-distance running machine.

Whether or not you subscribe to this line of reasoning is not important. I believe lots of lies that are very useful. For example, everything that happens in my world, is a direct result of something I did or didn't do. Of course this is a ridiculous notion, but it gives me more power over my world. Many folks turn over responsibility for everything in their life, as blame on other people or something like the government. This leaves them powerless to change even the things they can take control of.

By believing it is my evolutionary destiny, my phylogenetic legacy to exercise and think positive thoughts, then so be it. it might be only partially true, but I can turn that little belief into momentum and action.  In sparring, if I BELIEVE that I can step over to your space and knock your head clean off without you being able to stop me, I actually stand a pretty good chance of making it happen, since fear is what stops most of us from getting what we want.

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