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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A beginning

      I have a desire for myself and my students, that when we leave the school, we're not just great black belts, but we're great humans. That we are masters of ourselves, face the world with little baggage and see things for what they are instead of reflections of our own inner struggles. To that end I have searched and tried many techniques, trainings and methodologies of personal transformation. There is nothing new under the sun, and so all of these things are themselves re-cycled systems from some distant past. In the process of ingesting, trying, explaining and testing I have fused many of them into my own version; something that makes sense to me.
    I have always been the kind of person that thinks best while speaking aloud. I bounce ideas and concepts off the people around me. I respect their opinions and come to understand the concepts better when I see how it bounces off each person. There is also something weird about my brain in that it seems to make the most sense of things when it hears it's own ideas spoken by it's own mouth, or in the case of this blog, written on a screen in front of its eyes.
     So here I am using anybody who will listen, as a vehicle to continue my own journey toward understanding, peace and serenity. I sincerely think you will benefit almost as much as I, to read my brief musings. If it turns you toward a book, a CD, a website, a way of thinking or back into your thoughts, then GREAT.
     I postponed starting something like this for quite a while becuase I couldn't think of a theme or entry grand enough to kick it off, so instead I am kicking it off with "kicking it off". There, now it's done and I can feel free to post more mundane thoughts. There will be the random and shameless link back to the best martial art school site becuase hey, it's a big competitive world out there and our little website needs all the help it can get.

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  1. Master Joe, thank you so much for your teachings. I have not only learned great Kung Fu techniques from you, but more importantly, I have learned how to face my fears and defeat them. Please continue to share your knowledge as a lot of people would be benefited by it.